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Postal address: 21, Vaki Street, postal code : 341 00, Halkis, Greece
Telephone numbers : Metropolitan 0030-22210-22502, Protosyngellos 0030-22210-81060, Secretariat – Accounting office 0030-22210-25078, Marriage Register Office 0030-22210-63030 fax no. : 0030-22210-61505
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Internet website :

Most Rev. Chryssostomos, Metropolitan of Halkis (secular name Constantine Triantafyllou) was born in Vassiliko of Halkis in 1957. He studied at the Rizareios Theological Seminary of Athens and at the Faculty of Theology of the University of Athens, from which he graduated in 1981.

In 1979 he was appointed Secretary of the Holy Metropolis of Halkis, while he also served as lay Preacher of the same Holy Metropolis from that year to his ordination.

He was tonsured Monk in the Holy Monastery of Saint George Arma at Fylla of Halkis and was ordained deacon and Presbyter in the Holy Cathedral of Saint Demetrios of Halkis by his Predecessor and Elder, the late Metropolitan Chryssostomos I (Vergis), in 1983.

He ministered as Preacher and Vicar General of the Holy Metropolis of Halkis and developed missionary activity throughout that local Church. One of his particular ministrations focused on the field of Youth through the Catechetical movement of the aforementioned Metropolis, in relation to school pupils, while he also cared for prospective clergymen, many of whom he introduced to the Priesthood. Moreover, he saw to the Sacrament of Holy Confession with great care and in a genuine ecclesiastical spirit.

In 1988 he obtained a Master’s degree in Worship, Archæology and Art (major : Liturgics) from the Faculty of Theology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

He was elected Metropolitan of Halkis on December 14, 2001 and enthroned in the Holy Cathedral on January 12, 2002.

Social work

Love Banks :
1) “The Transfiguration of the Saviour” Charitable Association of Halkis, Aghios Demetrios, tel. no. 0030-22210-23279
2) Holy Church of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary (“Evanghelistria”), Halkis, tel. no. 0030-22210-24550
3) Holy Church of Saint Nicholas, Halkis, tel. no. 0030-22210-24815
4) Holy Church of Saint John, Halkis, tel. no. 0030-22210-24440
5) Holy Church of Saint Paraskevi, Halkis, tel. no. 0030-22210-22112

Drug Prevention Centre, 7, Balalaion Str., 341 00 Halkis, tel. no. 0030-22210-78118

Nursing Homes :
1) “Hosios John the Russian”, 341 00 Kamares area, Halkis, tel. no. 0030-22210-26452
2) “Vissarioneion”, 342 00 Istiaia, tel. no. 0030-22260-52206

Male Orphan Schools :
1) Church Boarding Home of the Holy Metropolis of Halkis, Ekso Panaghitsa Manika, 341 00 Halkis, tel. no. 0030-22210-84585
2) “Saint Paraskevi” for students of Halkis, 21, Vaki Str., 341 00 Halkis, tel. no. 0030-22210-80522

“Panaghia Phaneromeni” (The All-Holy Virgin Revealed) Foundation for the Protection of Orphan etc. Girls, Nea Artaki, tel. no. 0030-22210-42590 (under renovation)

Camping facilities 343 00 Taksiarchis Ilion, Aedipsos Ave., tel. no. 0030-22270-71670

Press instrument : “Myrovlitis” (Myrrh-streamer) review

Men’s Monasteries :
1) Hosios David the Elder, tel. no. 0030-22270-71297
2) Saint George Arma, tel. no. 0030-22210-50777
3) Evanghelistria of Skiathos, tel. no. 0030-24270-22012

Women’s Monasteries :
1) Saint Nicholas, Galataki Limnis, tel. no. 0030-22270-31489
2) Saint George Ilion, tel. no. 0030-22270-22384
3) Saint Nicholas of Ano Vatheia, tel. no. 0030-22290-36070
4) Dormition of the Mother of God (“Theotokos”) at Makrymalli, tel. no. 0030-22280-22790
5) Timios Prodromos of Skopelos, tel. no. 0030-24240-22395
6) Panaghia Perivleptos at Politika, tel. no. 0030-22280-31088
7) Annunciation of the Mother of God of Skopelos, tel. no. 0030-24240-22394
8) Hosios Ioannis Kalyvitis Psahna, tel. no. 0030-22280-22180
9) Panaghia Quick to Hear of Psahna, tel. no. 0030-22280-22743
10) Hosia Irene of Chryssovalantou at Rovies, tel. no. 0030-22270-71215