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831 00 SAMOS
Web page:
0030-273-28341 (Metropolitan)
0030-273-27312 (Secretariat)

The Metropolitan

His Grace Metropolitan Efsevios (Pistolis) was born in 1949 in Paleo Karlovasi, Samos. He has studied Theology. He was ordained a deacon in 1972 and a priest in 1976. He served as Dean of the Religious Service of the Police. He was elected and ordained as bishop in 1995.


"Metamorfosi" (Transfiguration) monthly periodical

Institutions/ Foundations

Parishes Youth Centers, Lecture Theatres, Schools of Byzantine Music, Camping, Ecclesiastical Bookstore, Homes for the aged, School for the parents, Museum of Ecclesiastical Art.


1. For monks

· Panagia Vrontiani in Samos- Tel: 0273-93255

· Megali Panagia in Samos- Tel: 0273-41249

· Holy Cross in Samos- Tel: 0273-91278

· Prophet Elias in Karlovasi- Tel: 0273-32279

· Agia Zoni Vlamaris- Tel: 0273-27587

· Holy Trinity in Mytilinii- Tel: 0273-51339

· Zoodochos Pigi in Kotsika

2. For nuns

· Saint John the Theologian in Paleo Karlovasi- Tel: 0273-32219

· Zoodochos Pigi in Kakoperatos

· Dormition in Marathokampos

· Annunciation in Lefkada, Ikaria- Tel: 0275-22767